This is more or less just my edits because I have a love for photoshop and I really can't help but use my time on it. All the gifs and edit on the blog is by me, unless I say they are not. You can ask me to make you something if you'd like, BOASH! That's it my lovely little stars

This is for you Krys!! Because you are one awesome human, and I shall forever love you. I just included 3 of your favorite things. JOMO, the blond angel and then your ship that makes you want to cry sometimes. You really are super awesome and fun to talk to, I honestly mean that. So I wanted to make you this. ¬†HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY! I hope you have a nice day, and if not I will fly to you and kick people for not being nice to you. Since I can’t really give you a b-day hug or anything this is my thing for you! Totally would say much more here, but II’I make it short so…I love you xx

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    so i’m kind of a ridiculous sobbing disaster, but thank you for making my putrid birthday something to enjoy. I love you...
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